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A formal meeting of people for consultation or discussion with a shared interest.In business meetings, leaders use oral communication, audiovisual productions, group discussions and other methods to accomplish corporate strategies.

event conference

Types of Conferences

  • Academic conference/meeting
  • Medical conference/meeting
  • Business conference/meeting
  • Training conference/meeting

Our Meeting/Conference arrangement process involves:

  • Purpose of the meeting/conference
  • Subjects are to be discussed
  • For whom is the programme being conducted
  • Set up Date & time
  • Where will it be held
  • Size of the group
  • Speakers and Special Guests
  • What committee or person will be in charge
  • Meeting Facility
  • Has an agenda been developed
  • Invitations or notices Preparation Details
  • Accomodation & Travel Option is needed
  • Publicity - Photography Local newspapers, radio and television rely needed
  • Equipment Needed - Projector equipment, Boards, Pointer, Names badge, Marking pen, Hand out material, writing pads etc..