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event jubilees

A Silver Jubilee is a celebration held to mark a 25th anniversary. & Golden Jubilee is 50th Anniversary & Diamond Jubilee is 75th Year. When it comes to Wedding it is something more Special one. So Silver Jubilee Celebration of Wedding is Really a big Event that grabs the Attention of Friends, Families & Well Wishers.

Arranging Such a Precious Event needs more Dedication & Involvement, our Sigaram Team will never Compromise with its Dedication & Effort. It will always strives to change your event into more Big Gala Moment.

Shashtiabdapoorthi - (60th Marriage Anniversary)

event sixty marriage

Shashti Abda Poorthi (Sanskrit meaning: Sashti == 60, Abda == years, Poorthi == completion) is also known as'Sashti Poorthi'. It is a Hindu ceremony that is celebrated to commemorate the 60th birthday of a Grand Father . As per the Hindu culture, the age sixty is of great significance because it is considered as a turning point in a man's life for at this age one has usually fulfilled his commitments to family and home and so he can turn his mind to spirituality.

Sathaabhishekam - (80th Marriage Anniversary)

Sathaabhishekam (Meaning: Satha = always, and Abhishekam = auspicious). In our Indian Hindu homes, the 80th birthday of a grandfather is a grand gala event! It is known as Sathaabhishekam, and it is an time for the whole family to get to gather around the great grandparents. A Sathaabhishekam is being celebrated to fall at the feet of the elder and seek his blessings.

event eighty marriage