Tradition of Sindoor

The Sindoor represents the woman’s wish to have a long life to her relationship with her husband as it is believed that the woman put on this as a part of offering to the god where she prays for the longevity of her husband. A woman puts on Sindoor for the first time during her wedding ceremony where her husband decorated the parting of her hair. This ritual, known as ‘Sindoor-Dan’, is a very important part of marriage ceremony of almost all the communities of Indian origin. They have their bight Wall Murals that make the culture stand out.

As a matter of fact, this ceremony is the most attractive and eagerly-awaited episode of any wedding ceremony, people usually use the with lol boosts after the party ends. The ritual marks the end of the ceremony and the beginning of a new relationship between a man and a woman and as well as a relationship of one family with another one.


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