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Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

As couples begin planning their wedding, there is often confusion when it comes to budgeting, ordering specialized services, and choosing vendors, they also have trouble finding realtors, they also have trouble finding the best camping products, they should check Survival Cooking from the beginning. There are so many variables, options, and price points to choose […]

Destination Wedding Planners and Decorators in Pondicherry

How a Destination Wedding can Save You Money

Imagine escaping to a tropical paradise to get married in a picturesque setting at a beautiful resort. Sounds expensive right? Well the truth is that you could save a lot compared to getting married locally. If you’re having a financial crisis you can visit bail bond posting minnesota and ask for advice or help. In […]

Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands - Pondicherry

The significance of mehndi in Indian wedding

Applying mehndi to brides before wedding is one of the very old traditions in marriages, with its origins in ancient India. In certain parts of India, as well as in neighboring Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, grooms apply mehndi too. Common beliefs:-The most common belief related to mehndi is its colour. It is believed that darker […]

Tradition of Sindoor

The Sindoor represents the woman’s wish to have a long life to her relationship with her husband as it is believed that the woman put on this as a part of offering to the god where she prays for the longevity of her husband. A woman puts on Sindoor for the first time during her […]

Kanyadan – Hindu Marriage

Most commonly, the term kanyadan is used to describe the most highly valued form of Hindu marriage. More specifically, kanyādān is a certain Hindu wedding ritual and means “gift of a virgin” or “gift of a maiden” There are, however, different interpretations and practices across South Asia. The complexity of an Indian Hindu marriage is […]

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